Fresh flowers are a cheap and simple way to decorate your home. It can instantly inject energy and life into any space, so it is necessary to have a few lovely ceramic vases

Vase has always been a popular home decoration accessory and has been used to add beauty and charm to any interior decoration since ancient times. With the passage of time and years, these decorative vases have shown shapes and tones of modern taste, and designer styles can now be used to match urban taste and class

What are the beautiful vases for home decoration

1. The vases should be matched according to the decoration style of the house. There is no absolute good. For example, if it is a modern and simple style, then put some simple, simple vases with simple lines. Of course, personal preference is the most important thing. In addition, the selection of vases also has some exquisite feng shui. Escort Decoration Net has collected some for you, you can refer to it.

2. When placing vases in the bedroom, pay attention to the color of the vase itself, not too gorgeous; the pattern cannot be too exaggerated; the bottleneck should not be too small. Therefore, the color of the vase itself should be light and elegant, and the best product that can really play the role of feng shui should be “flavored in a vase” to promote peach blossoms.

3. Relatively speaking, the vase is not suitable for being too big or too small, it should be placed according to the space. For example, if the vase in the bedroom is too large, the area of the bedroom is too small. If the vase is too small, it will be particularly inconspicuous in the bedroom, so it is not conducive to the peach blossom luck of single friends. In short, you should put the vases in the bedroom, remember that the layout should be harmonious and beautiful. Small spaces are not suitable for larger vases, and large spaces are not suitable for smaller vases.

What are the options for decorative vases

There are many styles of decorative vases, here is how to match decorative vases.

1. Many people like to put potted plants in their homes, hoping to add a sense of nature to their homes. If it can be matched with an ingenious vase, not only the plants inside can bring a little greenery to the homes, but the vase itself can also be used as a small decoration to embellish the home. Therefore, the choice of vases is very important. Glass vases, ceramic vases, and colorful vases have their own styles. The most important thing is that the vases must be arranged in accordance with the surrounding environment to create a vigorous atmosphere.

2. Modern glass vases are very suitable to be placed beside the sofa fireplace in the living room, on bogu shelves and in decorative cabinets. They complement each other with other decorative items and beautify your life together.
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3. The living room is a gathering place for family and friends. You can choose some bright vases to bring a warm atmosphere to the living room. The bouquet can be appropriately larger, so that people will immediately be attracted as soon as they enter the living room, and the fragrance of flowers is very pleasant.