The wireless charging function of smart phones is becoming more and more popular, and the latest mobile phones on the market support wireless charging. So, how to choose the right wireless charger?

The current mainstream wireless charging system consists of a transmitting coil and a receiving coil, and the two coils together form an induction coil. The alternating current carried by the transmitter coil generates a magnetic field and induces a voltage from the receiver coil. This voltage can be used to power mobile devices or charge batteries. Most of the wireless chargers currently on the market are based on related principles.

Meet the future of charging with the best wireless charger. Forget about plugging the cables into your smartphone or wireless charging accessories, just put them on these cradles and charging pads and watch them power up.

1: Q2 wireless charging, supports multi-protocol fast charging, intelligent identification and other functions. Compatible with 5W/7.5W/10W/15W high-power wireless charging, which can charge most low-current electronic products. The built-in magnet design enhances coil alignment and improves charging efficiency. The temperature control chip will not heat up after a whole day of use. The 6mm sensing distance does not affect the charging speed even if the phone is wearing a decorative case. The round and concise appearance of aluminum alloy looks very beautiful.

2: Q3 wireless charger, this has an AI smart chip, which can automatically identify the charging device, adjust the current, protect the mobile phone battery from overcharging, and make charging safer. It is also compatible with 5W/7.5W/10W/15W high-power high-efficiency conversion rate, continuous fast charging, and supports charging of a variety of mobile phones, wireless headsets and other low-current devices. The powerful magnet suppresses the leakage magnetic field, the mobile phone and the wireless charging magnet are automatically and accurately aligned, and the mobile phone can be charged with closed eyes. Intelligent FOD charging has multiple protections to avoid improper placement of keys, coins and other metals that may lead to power consumption, abnormal heating, and low temperature protection throughout the process. It is compact and portable, allowing you to travel lightly.

3: Q6 four-in-one wireless charging stand, support Iphone series/Android series/USB output. The product is charged immediately when it is put down, and it also has a three-stage adjustable warm color atmosphere light function, which is soft and not dazzling. One device is multi-purpose, mobile phones/watches/earphones can be charged at the same time, mobile phones that do not support magnetic wireless charging can also be charged via USB. It has protection functions such as over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, and foreign body detection. The modern design made of stainless steel material is full of high-level sense.

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