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If you spend a lot of time on calls and you want hands-free convenience along with better microphone quality, long-term comfort, and call-management functions than traditional earbuds or Bluetooth headphones offer – and you want to keep an ear free to stay aware of what’s going on around you on your commute or at the office – a mono Bluetooth headset can solve your problems. These headsets include mics with noise cancellation, so you sound better to the people on the other end of your calls, plus additional buttons for more-convenient call taking and call making that you won’t find on traditional earbuds or headphones. They also have a design aimed at all-day comfort. Some offer the option of voice dialling and answering.


So, what makes a pair of headphones good for making calls? Well, for starters, the best Bluetooth earbuds or headphones are able to reduce ambient noise even in loud environments, allowing people to hear you clearly when you speak. Needless to say, you’ll want to hear people clearly, so sound quality — and often noise-isolation (so you don’t hear the outside world) — are also important. And finally, comfort is essential along with decent battery life.


Bluetooth chip

The Bluetooth chip mainly determines the stability of the Bluetooth signal and the compatibility with the mobile device. If the compatibility is not good, it will be stuck! Roughly divided into several types!
1. Ecological type: Apple chip, Huawei Kirin Ecological compatibility will be very good, and its own lag will also have a certain bonus due to compatibility! This is the best, but this is also the most expensive!
2. High-performance chip: The predecessor of the Qualcomm chip is the CSR Bluetooth chip. It can be said that the boss of the Bluetooth chip. Many large acoustic brands basically use Qualcomm chips, the price is also very high, and the sound quality promoted is also very good, with aptx The series of non-destructive sound quality bonuses were later acquired by Qualcomm. It is more friendly to most Android models. Apple is no problem. Because its CSR compatibility is very good, Qualcomm chips are still highly regarded by big brands!
3. High cost-effective chips: The three chips of Luda Primal Actions mainly compete in the low-end market. Relatively speaking, the stability is definitely worse. Compared with the above chips, the compatibility will be worse, but the price is relatively low. , More favored by low-end brands! Airoda is relatively more stable than the other two models! The original phase and Actions are currently mainly low-latency chips better!
4. Inexpensive chips: Jerry Zhongke Lanxun’s basic low-end headsets on the market are these two chips, which have poor stability, poor sound quality, poor connectivity, poor compatibility, and they are cheap.
Summary: It is recommended that the version above 5.0, the last time it should be the original phase of Luoda, Actions at this level, preferably Qualcomm and ecological type chips, the experience will be much better
Second, the sound quality of the Bluetooth headset. First of all, the Bluetooth headset is definitely not HIFI. The audiophile cable uses a very thick cable to transmit, and the front-end players are very professional players, so they can be called HIFI!

It mainly depends on personal needs and budget. There is no absolute perfection. Different earphones are designed in different directions. Some are for delay, some are for noise reduction, call, or sound quality, and others are overall balance suitable for daily life. So as long as it can meet your priority needs, it is ea


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