The right lawn mower can make mowing a pleasure. Whether you want to buy the first machine or need to update a more suitable machine, the following is the information you can know before buying.

Lawn mowers can be subdivided into different types according to different uses. Each lawn mower has different characteristics and uses. We need to choose according to different site requirements and the types of plants that need to be pruned. For example, the size of the lawn, terrain, obstacles and how to deal with mowing determine the final choice of the machine.

The greens and tees of the golf course use greens and tee mowers; fairways and sports field lawns, such as football fields, rugby fields, etc., are the best choice for hob mowers or rotary knife mowers. General green and landscape lawns use rotary knife mowers; use hanging mowers on golf course slopes; use brush cutters (ie, knapsack mowers) for forest lawns or lawns with many obstacles.

When choosing a lawn mower, you must actually experience whether the overall body of the lawn mower is stable during use. It is best to choose a three-wheel-positioned lawn mower. The overall body is relatively stable and is At that time, the grass will be cut relatively flat, not uneven. Need to compare factors such as weight, power, price, safety features, easy startup, operability, and easy cleaning

Lawn mowers are mainly divided into the following four categories: manual lawn mowers, electric lawn mowers, gasoline lawn mowers, and riding lawn mowers.

If your lawn is relatively small, you can choose a hand-push reel mower, which is cheap, does not require refueling and charging, is small in size and easy to operate, and does not produce exhaust gas and noise.

If the lawn is large and you want to cut it to less than 2 inches, you can buy a fuel-powered lawn mower. Fuel-fueled lawn mowers are also divided into push-type and self-propelled. In contrast, the self-propelled type is of course more convenient, and you only need to control the direction after starting. If the lawn area exceeds 2000 square meters or 3 acres and the terrain is undulating or slightly sloped, a self-propelled lawn mower is the best choice.

Although lithium-ion lawn mowers are as noisy as gasoline lawn mowers, they are much quieter and do not require much maintenance. They are lighter than fuel-burning lawn mowers. Lithium-electric lawn mowers are divided into wired lawn mowers and wireless lawn mowers. Relatively speaking, wireless lawn mowers are more convenient to use than wired lawn mowers that are prone to tripping over long wires or winding up coils. The wireless lawn mower only needs to be charged in advance and it can be used normally.

If your lawn is larger than 4000 feet or more and you have a lot of money, you can buy a riding lawn mower. The advantage is that it has enough horsepower and is easy to use, suitable for large areas of lawn.

In addition to these styles of lawn mowers, there are also four-in-one lawn mowers with a half-grass bag and half-grass box configuration, which plays a greater role in the grass gathering function, and can better reflect the requirements for fine trim and high lawn quality. What it does.

In addition, the most important thing is to consider the safety features of the lawn mower. In fact, many people are injured during the mowing process, so it is necessary to purchase a lawn mower with automatic shutdown of the machine safety protection.

Today I told you how to choose a lawn mower. Our company’s lawn mowers are of high quality and complete models, which can meet everyone’s needs for lawn mowers. Welcome to email us for consultation.