Three high-quality mommy bags that meet mom’s wishes

Mommy bag, as the name suggests, is specially made for mothers to take care of their babies when they go out. Put the things that the baby will use when going out in the bag, so that mothers can easily carry the baby’s supplies.

With the gradual control of COVID-19 in various places, many babies and mothers who are “closed” at home can no longer restrain their desire to go out. Mothers often need to prepare a lot of things that babies need to use, such as milk powder, baby bottles, diapers, wet wipes, tissues, thermos cups, tableware, snacks, etc.Usually many mothers have requirements for beauty and practicality when choosing a mommy bag.

In fact, the first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a mommy bag is the large capacity, good storage performance, and clear division of space in the bag. This design should have a reasonable layout to facilitate the packaging of various items for babies of different categories. Everything seems so orderly, and it is very convenient to get things, so that novice mothers will not be in a hurry. If the storage space is not clearly divided, a pile of things is easy to squeeze together, and there are too many things to be loaded, and it is difficult for the baby to quickly find it in an emergency. E.g:

1. Paper towel mouth and water bottle storage design: The side pockets of the bag are designed according to the frequency of daily necessities, and the water bottles and paper towels are stored by hand, which is very convenient to use and does not take up space.

2.Dry and wet separation design: You need to prepare some dry clothes when you take your baby out, and you can change them when they get wet. The dry and wet separation design effectively isolates dry clothes and wet clothes, keeping the bag clean and hygienic.

3.Large opening design: The large opening allows mother to see the stored things at a glance and get what she needs the first time.

4.Separate bottle area: When taking your baby out, you generally need to prepare hot water or milk powder in advance. In the milk bottle area in the mother’s bag, there will be a tin foil insulation layer on the inner layer to keep the milk warm.

The second is to choose a backpack as much as possible, because the baby is too active. When the mother is taking care of the baby, the bag will easily slip off the shoulder, causing inconvenience. For people who bring a lot of things or need to go out for a long time, the shoulder design can reduce fatigue.

After all, it is something for the baby. Whether the material of the mummy bag is safe and durable is an absolute consideration. In all material choices, heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, chromium, nickel, etc. must be blacklisted, depending on whether the product standard meets EN72, 73 standards and passes the phthalic acid test.

The choice depends on whether the inner lining has a waterproof design, because Baoma will bring a baby bottle, water cup, etc. There are a lot of liquids, and the baby’s wet clothes need a waterproof layer to separate it. In addition, the pocket of the baby bottle should have a thermal insulation effect. When going out, it is difficult to find boiled water to make milk. When hot water is needed, it is easy to keep warm.

Did everyone learn it? The above mommy bag selection skills hope to help moms~