Spring is many gardeners’ favorite season of the year. After a long winter, everything is back to normal and the plants are in top condition. This is a great time to plant new seeds or transplant new pots, and the following tools will help your garden plants look in good shape.


Wide Hand Trowel

A good garden knife can handle many chores, from digging to cutting roots and grass. A simple wide-handled trowel is the best gardening tool for almost any situation. This wide handle hand shovel features a one-piece stainless steel design that resists bending, making it the best trowel for digging in rock or heavy clay. Oversized heads work faster because you can move soil faster. Ergonomically designed handle reduces hand fatigue with soft rubber contoured finger grips and palm rest.


Flower fork

Planting Trowel

A graduated planting trowel can be used for planting bulbs and small perennials, as well as for digging out weeds. We can use it to move the soil more precisely. Trowels made of stainless steel or at least with stainless steel heads are more durable and last longer.


Hand Fork

Garden forks or spade forks are handy for many garden tasks. It’s one of the best gardening tools for loosening compacted soil, aerating small areas, adding compost to garden beds and dividing perennials. The comfortable handle makes the digging fork easier to use in tight spaces, while the tapered tines penetrate soil more easily.



Ideal for loosening, weeding and aerating soils, the three-tine harrow is ergonomically designed to reduce hand and wrist fatigue during tillage. The tool’s sharp tines make it easy to dig into tough soil, and the stainless steel head prevents rust for long-term use. Features rust-resistant, extra-strong steel teeth that dig in clay or rocky soil without bending, kinking, or breaking.


Flower fork 2

Mini Rake

This flexible handheld mini rake is constructed of stainless steel with a hyperbolic bow that provides even pressure on the tines for maximum efficiency. It removes debris, grass clippings and fallen leaves, and can be used to break up soil and level seedbeds. Landscape or garden rakes are often designed with metal tines that are great for leveling mulch or soil. From leaf rakes to straight rakes, there are a variety of options to choose from, depending on your needs.


Daisy Grabber

A traditional and effective weeder, this daisy weeder is a long, narrow, two-pronged hand tool designed to remove long-rooted weeds. The stainless steel of this weeding tool is very resistant to rust, so it will hold up well for years to come.


Patio Weeder

Grass and weed seeds always find space between them. When the seeds grow into plants, they are difficult to fall off due to the narrow spacing. Patio knives, also known as patio weeders, do the trick, and patio weeders make it easier to remove grass from between pavers. You can also use them to clear small stones and pebbles from the space. They are handy tools for digging and cutting roots, weeds, and other unwanted items.


Flower shovel

Square-trident Hoe

Do you want to deal with weeds without polluting your garden with harmful chemicals? Then this square trident hoe is your best tool. This is a small hand tool with a forked end that is great for digging up individual weeds and removing them from the roots. Used properly, this tool can help you get rid of any problematic plants so they don’t mess up later.

Whether it’s an outdoor garden or a small potted plant, you won’t get the best harvest without the right equipment. Gardening tools are essential for performing multiple jobs flawlessly in our gardens, including pruning, planting, digging and cutting. When it comes to gardening, you don’t need a large collection, but having the essentials can make it easier for you to care for your plants. By investing in these basic gardening tools, your shed will have everything you need to keep your garden beautiful and growing.