Modern people, after busy and tedious life and work, are increasingly pursuing “more comfortable sleep”, hoping to choose the best mattress, try various pillows and quilts, and buy the most satisfying one within their ability. bed linings. Can’t wait to make the bed the most comfortable place in the world. Getting a good night’s sleep is one of life’s simplest pleasures, but for some, it’s a luxury.

Mattresses that don’t get tired of sleeping, pillows of the right height, comforters with a moderate temperature, soft and snug bedding, and a good night’s sleep, most people don’t realize the joy that a good night’s sleep brings.

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What should I pay attention to before buying bedding? The editor summarizes the following four aspects, you can simply choose a suitable bedding:


  1. Look at the fabric

When you buy it, you can understand that there are many kinds of fabrics, such as cotton, silk, silk cotton and other materials. The names of these fabrics look similar, but they are actually different materials and prices. Since the quilt cover and pillowcase are double-layered fabrics, it is difficult to judge whether there is a quality problem.


  1. Touch

This is a relatively simple method. When choosing fabrics, you can touch the fabrics with your hands. If its surface feels soft and comfortable, thicker and more skin-friendly, it means it’s of better quality and we’ll have more personality and comfort in using it. If the fabric feels rough or wrinkled, it is of poor quality and is not recommended.

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  1. Craft

High-count yarn density is a more professional term, which refers to the number of yarn counts per square centimeter. Generally speaking, fabrics with a yarn density of more than 40 counts can be called high-count and high-density fabrics, which are relatively good fabrics. Hotels like to use 60-count bedding because it’s washable, durable, and cost-effective. For home use, 60-80 is more suitable. Fabrics with more than 100 counts are thin and not washable, and the multi-strand weaving is too thick. In terms of craftsmanship, satin is higher-grade than plain and twill. Generally high-end bedding will also use satin weave. The satin is mostly plain, but the sense of luxury is high-end atmosphere. The price of satin jacquard will be higher and can be selected according to personal preference.


  1. View tags

Whether it is clothing or bedding, if it is produced by a regular manufacturer, each product will be labeled, and the model, washing method, fabric texture, etc. should be clearly marked on the product, and there should be a fixed trademark position. Products from counterfeit or inferior manufacturers often do not have cleanable labels and have vague identification. 100% cotton fabric, identifiable by looking at the product label.

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The bed and bedding determine the quality of sleep. A lot of people can spend a lot of money on a dress and a bag, but I think it’s best to invest in beds and bedding. Imagine how comfortable it is to lie down on a comfortable bed after a busy day.