The 131st China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, officially opened today. Affected by the epidemic, since 2020, the Canton Fair has had 4 “cloud exhibitions” experience, and this year’s Canton Fair will continue to be held online.

From today to April 24, the Canton Fair will be held online for 10 days. The theme of this year’s Canton Fair is “Unicom Domestic and International Dual Cycle”. The exhibition content includes three parts: online display platform, supply and purchase docking service, and cross-border e-commerce zone. Exhibitors and exhibits, virtual exhibition halls, exhibitor connections, and news will be set up on the official website. The overall scale of columns such as activities and conference services remained stable.

Xu Bing, spokesperson of the Canton Fair: There are about 25,500 exhibitors at home and abroad, and 50 exhibition areas will be set up according to ten categories of commodities. Rural revitalization exhibition areas will continue to be set up, and 974 exhibitors from poverty alleviation areas will be arranged for centralized display. The export exhibition brings together many powerful exhibitors. There are high-quality enterprises, including 2,132 brand enterprises. The import exhibition attracted 402 overseas enterprises from 32 countries and regions.


It is understood that this year’s Canton Fair has uploaded over 2.9 million exhibits, including over 900,000 new products and over 480,000 green and low-carbon exhibits, all hitting record highs. At the same time, this Canton Fair does not charge exhibitors online service fees, nor does it charge any fees to cross-border e-commerce platforms participating in simultaneous activities.

The Canton Fair is the barometer and weather vane of China’s foreign trade. It is held in Guangzhou every spring and autumn. Affected by the epidemic, the Canton Fair has been held online since 2020, which puts forward higher requirements for the level of digitalization of the platform. On the basis of fully investigating the needs of both exhibitors and customers, continue to improve the supply and purchase docking services and optimize the system.

Xu Bing, spokesperson of the Canton Fair: Comprehensively update the technical infrastructure of the platform, optimize the data structure of exhibitors and exhibits, the system operates more efficiently, can quickly respond to changes in user needs, optimize the global network acceleration configuration, effectively reduce domestic and overseas access delays, and improve cross-border To improve the speed of access to the environment, carry out one-to-one and one-to-many comprehensive personalized training for exhibitors, and provide 10*24 hours all-weather intelligent customer service to help exhibitors better use the online platform.

There are more than 20,000 domestic and foreign enterprises participating in the Canton Fair this year. For them, what is the difference between online exhibition and offline exhibition, and what effect can it achieve?

In a corporate office building in Longgang District, Shenzhen, two staff members are preparing for the upcoming live broadcast. When they participated in the offline Canton Fair in the past, the two of them had to enter the venue to receive customers from the opening of the venue at 8:00 in the morning, and they were often busy. They have no time to eat, and in the past two years, their work content has been transferred to the Internet.

Anchor Wang Tao: If you are online, customers from any country in the world will come here. He may be interested in our products when he sees our live broadcast. He will come and have a look. If he wants to know more, he will ask some questions.

Host He Siting: Online speaking is a test of our resilience. We normally communicate with most of our customers in English. If there are special questions from customers of small languages, we can also translate with him online.

In addition to the changes in work content, product display has also moved from offline to online. In a new energy enterprise in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Lin Xiaofeng, the person in charge, is checking the products launched one by one. He told reporters that since its establishment in 2002, they have participated in the Canton Fair every year. For a few years now, due to the impact of the epidemic, they cannot meet often. The online Canton Fair has become a must for them to release new products of enterprises and maintain customers.

Canton Fair exhibitor Lin Xiaofeng: After putting some of our new product series on the cloud pavilion last year, the effect is still very good, and various e-commerce customers will come.

In addition to the maintenance of old customers, the development of new customers has also become the focus of this Canton Fair. The 131st Canton Fair has taken a series of measures to help companies grab orders and expand the market under special circumstances.

Canton Fair exhibitor Lin Xiaofeng: I think online is a trend. A new generation of customers or a new generation of consumers are more likely to buy things online. The Canton Fair keeps pace with the times, we can communicate with some new customers, and online customers can more easily get in touch with some relatively powerful exhibitors and suppliers, which is good.